Monsoon Railway of the Western Ghats

A small collection of images from a revisited trip to the North Western Region of Karnataka and Goa during the mid-monsoon season. This album covers the principal areas of Hubli-Dharwad of SWR, Karwar, Kumta, Madgaon, and Courtalim of KR. All in all a trip of pure bliss experiencing the 'Monsoon Railway'

Date: 2013-09-05
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I wake from my slumber to click my first photo and see this scene. The Sunflowers say 'Good Morning' to the racing Hubli bound Janshatabdi at Devanur. This line upto VSG is one of the most beautiful stretches of SWR. (Syed Zohaibullah)


There's always some juice left even after an arduous trip to capture moments like these even if it's on an chilled early morning. Hubli bound Janshatabdi with KJM's beauty WDM-2 Express rolls down the gradient to furiously pass my Solapur-Mysore express p

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Hubli bound Janshatabdi notches up to cross Gudgeri on the main line even as twin KZJ WDG-3A wait with a BOXN rake. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Hubli - Bangalore passenger rolls into Ranebennur with KJM and GOC WDG-3A mued as people scramble to position themselves to get into the train quickly.
(Syed Zohaibullah)


Bangalore bound Hubli Janshatabdi rushes past Bidnal village near Hubli with KJM WDM-3A. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Mumbai bound Chalukya Express led by Pune WDM-3A approaches Hubli exiting Kundgol near Bidnal village. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Bangalore bound Passenger passes by the lovely fields near Hubli with a rebuilt Alco 16669 R. It is a mistimed shot as I was lazing around and was caught offguard when this train appeared suddenly. (Syed Zohaibullah)


KJM WDM-3A hauls the evening passenger to Dharwar exiting Hubli. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Twin Hubli WDG-4s get ready for their next assignment at Vasco. (Syed Zohaibullah)


South bound Golden Rock WDG-4s haul a BOXN rake towards Madgaon over Zuari viaduct. (Syed Zohaibullah)


North bound Ro-Ro passes over Zuari bridge with GOC WDG-3A at Courtalim. (Syed Zohaibullah)


A pair of Gooty WDM-3Ds haul a North bound Flatbed rake towards Karmali crossing the Zuari river bridge at Courtalim. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Golden Rock WDG-3A crosses Courtalim Creek 1 with a Ro - Ro and crosses the NH-17 here to enter the viaduct over Zuari river nestled amongst thick vegetation.
(Syed Zohaibullah)


Golden Rock WDG-4 duo haul a BOXN rake over Zuari river bound south towards Madgaon on a hot and humid monsoon day. (Syed Zohaibullah)

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Independence day special! North bound Chalukya Express coasts towards Hubli outer. All the colors of our National flag can be seen here.
(Syed Zohaibullah)

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Excellent sets of pics!!! Great work!!!
Posted by Bhaveen Patel on 2013 Sep 25 18:25:10 +0100
Beautiful album!!
Posted by Alex P. John on 2013 Sep 25 08:51:22 +0100
Fabulous album. Kudos to your hard work and patience in reaching so many different desolate locations to get these images. Keep it up.
Posted by Abhinav Bhattacharjee on 2013 Sep 24 17:02:56 +0100