Desert Skies, Tokens and Semaphores

Date: 2019-10-28
Owner: Shashanka Nanda
Size: 14 items

Sunset at Shri Bhadriya Lathi - These are the twilight days of the semaphore. The section between Phalodi and Jaisalmer being one of the last remaining sections on BG to feature semaphore signalling.


At Jetha Chandan, the pointsman is rock steady as he prepares to hand over the token to a passing express train


The split second before the token is whipped out of the pointsman's hand!


The token hoops are sometimes picked up using the hook attached to the side of the loco. They are affixed to poles by the trackside.


The Ponitsman and Assistant Loco Pilot watch carefully as the hook catches the hoop with inch perfect precision!


The Milky Way is resplendent in its glory over the semaphores at Jetha Chandan.


Seq 1/3 - The train approaches


Seq 2/3 - The hand and the token connect


Seq 3/3 - And the token is whipped away!


.... and raises a defiant cloud of dust as it heads straight for the storm


The Runichha Express screams its way through the desert; which is turned green with recent thundershowers....


One last look at the lovely skies, and the growing light pollution below them! Come 2020 - this scene will be gone forever

Jaisalmer Fort

The daily Express train to Lalgarh, Bikaner from Jaisalmer chugs out hauled by the Abu Road homed WDM3A#18797. The impressive semaphores adds to the alco glory while In the horizon is one of the most iconic landmarks, the living fort of Jaisalmer. (TRAYAM


The semaphores at the exit of Jaisalmer is an imposing structure. It dwarfs even the hunk of an erupting alco and a rake being lead by it. (TRAYAMBAK OJHA)