The Cochin State Railways - Remains of Ernakulam Terminus

Pictures from the long abandoned station. Ernakulam Terminus was the first station to serve the city but had to be abandoned in the early 60's as traffic and the city grew.

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All pictures by Jimmy Jose.

Date: 2009-02-04
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This is the entrance to the once royal station of Ernakulam Terminus (later Ernakulam Goods, ERG). Look at the gate pillars. The Sign board reads "Southern Railway - Ernakulam Goods colony" (Jimmy Jose)


This was once the head office of "Cochin State Railways". During the 1980's some railwaymen started a railway club or "Railway Institute" here, but the location was soon shifted elsewhere (Jimmy Jose)


Large parcel office of the station. There was considerable parcel service from the station once. This was the only way to transport large parcels from the town of Trichur to Ernakulam. Both the towns were in the princely state of Cochin while a large p


Main road that lead to all important locations. You can see the king's waiting room in the distance (Jimmy Jose)


Another view of the headquarter complex of Cochin State Railway. Dont get amused, the sodium vapor lamp died many years ago! Look at the huge banyan tree (Jimmy Jose)


This must have been the entrance to the main station building. It is totally unapproachable. Look at the huge marshy plants in front of it (Jimmy Jose)


View of the main station structure (Jimmy Jose)


The once grand "Kottaram" (translates to Palace in malayalam). This was the king's and his family's waiting room. (Jimmy Jose)


On top of the building is this cavity which once held the idol of "Sree Pornatryeesa", the family deity of the kings of Cochin (Jimmy Jose)


This is the condition of the interiors of the Royal Waiting Room! (Jimmy Jose)


Welcome to the Platforms.... Please enter only with proper tickets! Looking south (Jimmy Jose)


Platforms, looking north. A lone "survior" from the past await us (Jimmy Jose)


Tracks of the platform, buried deep in time (Jimmy Jose)


Okay, I am the king, looking at the lone survivor. Wo is this survivor anyway? An ancient R class wagon remind us that trains once rolled into the station (Jimmy Jose)


The crumbling heritage of Royal Waiting Room (Jimmy Jose)

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After the Cochin Harbour Terminus, here comes another master-piece (or master-pieces actually) by Jimmy.
Great work.
Posted by Kshitij Halbe on 2009 Feb 13 19:44:14 +0000
Jimmy, combined with the presentation you made at BNC, this really transports us back to the days of glory of the Cochin State. Though, it is indeed heartwrenching to see the deterioration now.
Posted by Dr.Jitendra Mulky on 2009 Feb 12 10:48:28 +0000
A very good collection in detail about the lost glory.
Posted by Krupa Ratnam on 2009 Feb 12 08:38:16 +0000