Himsagar - Journey of a Lifetime

Images from a journey from Udhampur to Kanyakumari - only by diesel!

Date: 2007-08-29
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Prelude: As we wait for our train to Udhampur at New Delhi. This Kanpur WAP4 brings another journey to a dazzling end.


The Begining: We start from Udhampur, the northernmost station in Indian Railways (for now)


Bharat is feeling lucky - having made it to Udhampur after two years of planning, researching and almost spoiling the whole thing in the end by virtue of my stupidity :D


So this was the plan. We pick up a piece of ballast from Udhampur, travel all three gauges only by diesel and deliver it to Kanyakumari. As simple as that !!


Tughlakabad's WDM3A #18542 waits patiently with the rake of the Uttar Sampark Kranti. The beast will roar to life in the evening to begin the journey home.


This Ludhiana Alco had brought up the Mail from Delhi with the help of another friend. Now it is waiting to start its run downhill with the return train.


Look Ma no wires !!! Looks like IR is doing experiments in wireless electric transmission. Good for us all, not catenary but still we get electrics to shoot :D


While the whole view looks lovely, the weather was sticky as hell !!

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Have seen the DVD of this during CNB 2008.

Brilliant work on this trip. Lot of dedication involved.
Posted by Abhishek Risbud on 2009 Apr 01 20:00:14 +0100
Excellent pics. Tremendous effort and dedication. I am sure there are many more pics that have not been put up.
Posted by Zubin J Dotivala on 2007 Sep 17 05:34:57 +0100
Superb album and a Magnificent Achievement! Kudos to the travellers!
Posted by Gautam on 2007 Sep 13 19:56:49 +0100