Flotsam & Jetsam

Over the years I have amassed dozens of miscellaneous photographs that for one reason or another have never been uploaded to the irfca gallery. They were usually captured on short trips (which I didn't bother reporting) or on random encounters with IR or are discards from other uploaded albums.

So this is a collection of the "best of the rest." I have tried to group all the images under several different "themes" such as Animals, Steam, Architecture, IR workers, Passengers, Railmen, odd scenes, obscure stations, etc. etc. A small number of images may be similar to those uploaded by some of my companions on various trips (so they may look familiar), but none are exactly the same.
Mohan Bhuyan

Date: 2009-06-18
Owner: Gallery Administrator
Size: 80 items
Lunching Langurs

The Langurs of Goramghat in the Aravallis are not as serene as pictured


Deer graze on the tracks at Rajnarainpur Station

Sasangir Langurs

Sasangir's Langurs are rather better behaved...

Panipat's birds

At dusk hundreds of birds come to roost on two or three select catenary masts in Panipat Jn.

Neem Ka Thana

And these pigeons have the goods shed at Neem Ka Thana ()

Bovine Expressions

Humans and bovines ignore each other

FQ at Delhi Cantt

The Fairey Queen gets a once over before departure

WP7161 DSJ

WP-7161 gaudily festooned with marigold garlands


A WDM-3 closes in on the two vets to haul them back to Rewari


Over-the-top decoration on WL 15005.

PTK Brass

Fixing brass for the Brass.

Old & Older

WP-7200 allows a WDM-3A to overtake.


We found this derelict YG marooned outside the New Tinsukia trip shed in July '05. I believe it has been restored and plinthed somewhere. ()

Steam Cemetary at TSK

No chance of restoration for these old boys at the old Tinsukia Jn.

CLR Shed

The old steam shed is still the best looking thing at Castle Rock.

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Priceless. Some of the best and rarest images of IR, all in one place. Hats off, Mohan.
Posted by Manish on 2009 Jul 13 15:27:28 +0100
When I first saw the title, I thought hmmm... how about "Dregs and Dross"? :-) Jokes aside, this is an excellent album which has a lot more worth than many of the pictures that we see even in the First Class.
Posted by M S M Saifullah on 2009 Jun 30 03:03:16 +0100
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This one single album is worth 50 others in the Gallery. An amazing collection of otherwise ignored sights, a treat for sore eyes and a masterclass for other railfans. Hope this inspires others to look beyond what runs on the rails and look at what's...
Posted by Shashanka Nanda on 2009 Jun 29 19:14:25 +0100