Rail Trek: Shantipur-Krishnanagar-Nabadwip Ghat

Three Railfans Bappa Pal, Souro and Avishek Basu, on 15th October 2012, undertook a Trip along the ruins and relics of now extinct Shantipur Jn - Krishnanagar City Jn – Nabadwipghat NG connectivity. We started from Shantipur, amid NG bogies and turnstiles. BG track came up on erstwhile NG track alignment on Shantipur Jn - Krishnanagar City Jn stretch. Thereafter, work is going on.
The erstwhile Nabadwipghat Terminal, complete with all the infrastructure and logistics that you usually expect in any big station, stands on a vast area amid lush greenery, shrubs and large trees where work is yet to start. It looks like a biosphere – with mongoose, dogs, goats, hens, butterflies, lizards and quite a few varieties of birds.
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Date: 2012-10-15
Owner: Gallery Administrator
Size: 45 items

The turn table at Shantipur Station. (Souro)


'ER 206' - The NG BCNA coach. (Souro)


'ER 01' - The NG BOXN Coach. (Souro)


As a sign of narrow gauge these two wagons were only there at Shantipur station along with a pit line and the turn table. (Souro)


The pit line at Shantipur station. Interestingly they kept these few things there. (Souro)


Just after the Krishnanagar station towards Nabadwip Ghat we found heavy work was going on here at this point only.
This is facing Nabadwip ghat station. (Avishek Basu)


Work is going on at a good speed towards Nabadwip Ghat from Krishnanagar side. (Souro)


This is facing Krishnanagar side at the previous point where we found good work was going on. (Avishek Basu)


Like this there are numerous house (gate of the house) just beside the tracks. Don't know what problem the localites will face. (Souro)


Ballasts en route Nabadwip Ghat from Krishnanagar. (Avishek Basu)


(Avishek Basu)


Work In Progress. (Souro)


(Avishek Basu)


Time Table and the Ticket counter at Maheshganj station. (Souro)


(Avishek Basu)

Many thanks for a great photo album. I'm really grateful that you have recorded such scenes while they are happening and before everything is gone.
Posted by David Churchill on 2012 Nov 13 10:31:09 +0000
Thanks for the album!Good to see the history and the present transformation the section is going through! Nice...
Posted by Ashwin Gandhi on 2012 Nov 10 04:47:00 +0000