Jaipur to Purna on the Meenakshi Express

Images from a trip on the MG Meenakshi Express from Jaipur to Purna - Shanx, Sanyog & Vivek

Date: 2006-09-11
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We arrive at Omkareshwar Road after crossing the Narmada river. The temple style dome of the station and the hermit in the foreground complete the pilgrimage effect!!


A cute looking MG caboose at Khandwa Jn. The BG train in the background is the Dadar-Amritsar Express which was surprisingly headed by a TKD WAG-7


Approaching the Dhulghat spiral: You can spot the upper portion of the spiral from a distance. (Pic 1 of 5)


Passing underneath the track on the upper level of the spiral. (Pic 2 of 5)


Approaching the bridge on the upper level of the spiral (Pic 3 of 5)


On the tall stone bridge. There was a speed restriction of 20kmph here. (Pic 4 of 5)


Passing over the track on which we were rumbling along just minutes ago. (Pic 5 of 5)


A neat looking semaphore gantry on the approach to Wan Road


Passing through the Wan Tunnel built in 1960. This ghat section is part of the Gawilgarh hills


The start of a race with the Geetanjai Express powered by the 5000HP SRC WAP-4 #22272.


Our puny YDM-4 gives its best as it climbs up a ramp to cross the BSL-NGP BG line.


And MG has won!! We pass over the BG lines. The Geetanjali can be seen approaching the curve in the top right of the picture.


The ominous signs of BG invasion at Hingoli Deccan.


After a journey lasting 32 hours, we reach our destination - Purna Jn. The Meenakshi Express can be seen parked in a siding on the left of the picture.


The moon rises over a deserted looking Purna Jn. Note how the MG track has been uprooted from the platform on the left.

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Simply superb! Albums like these make me feel sad to see signs of MG going away soon.
Posted by Gautam on 2006 Sep 12 20:50:50 +0100
Hi Vivek, Shanx and Co., Great album. Thanks for taking time to travel and photograph the entire stretch.
Posted by Jimmy Jose on 2006 Sep 11 23:23:15 +0100
Thanks for the excellent album. Beautiful Work!
Posted by Saurab Basu on 2006 Sep 11 22:29:13 +0100