From the Oceans to the Sky

Presenting you a collection of pictures taken during our trip by the fabled 16317 Himsagar Express from Kanyakumari to Jammutawi. This trip ended on the nation’s 65th birthday.

Contributors are Raghu Jayaraman, Naveen, and BenHur.

Date: 2011-10-03
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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DAY-1: (Prelude) 12633 MS-CAPE Express makes her way through the catenary jungle at NCJ, bringing Naveen too with her (BenHur)


DAY-1: A small tribute to Himsagar Express... (Naveen)


DAY-1: The Kanniyakumari station building (Naveen)


DAY-1: Lies ahead over 60,000 kilometers of the vast IR network we adore! (Naveen)


DAY-1: An ED deemer brings in the 16381 Jayanti Janata Express into CAPE. (Naveen)


DAY-1: ED WDM-2 18554 hurries back to the front to take the rake of 16381 to NCJ (Naveen)


DAY-1: The trio at CAPE... (Raghu Jayaraman)


DAY-1: GOC WDP-3A 15332 - a kutty dippy - brings in the rake of 16317 Himsagar Express from NCJ into CAPE. (Naveen)


DAY-1: The loco briskly goes ahead to take charge of our Himsagar Express. She will be in charge till Trivandrum Central (TVC) (Naveen)


DAY-1: Two monsters in their own rights (Location: TVC) (BenHur)


DAY-1: Old warhorse AJJ WAM-4 20581 cruises through Mavelikara station with Gurudev Express as her load. (Naveen)


DAY-1: It's all green for SHM-NCJ Gurudev Express at Mavelikara, as she rushes towards her destination (BenHur)


DAY-2: After Katpadi Junction, Himsagar takes more than a 90 degree turn to enter the KPD-RU single line territory... (BenHur)


DAY-2: The mainline signal turns green, announcing the impending crossing of a train. (Location: Ramapuram) (Naveen)


DAY-2: Seshadri, headed by AJJ WAP-1 22031, glides past us at Ramapuram. (BenHur)

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A trip of a lifetime is picturized so vividly in this album. Kudos
Posted by Trayambak Ojha on 2011 Nov 01 17:13:01 +0000
One epic train journey...excellent album! :)
Posted by Abhinav Bhattacharjee on 2011 Oct 26 07:34:33 +0100
Nice sets of Pics!! Excellent coverage!!!
Posted by Bhaveen Patel on 2011 Oct 26 04:35:05 +0100