Steam Locomotive Sheds and Workshops

Past and present pictures of sheds and workshops serving steam locomotives.

Date: 2008-09-03
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Golden Rock Workshop.
Album: Golden Rock Workshop.

Golden rock workshop pictures.


This is what remains of Dongargarh ste shed. It has been transformed into the Section Engineers office now. Dongargarh, October 2004. By Vinod Bawne.


The old steam shed at Erode. It lies inside the Electric Loco Shed premises. ED. By Naren Damodaran.


The ghostly surroundings here are not hell either. Sadly, this is what remains of Bilaspur Steam Shed today. These arched walls will be gone soon as well. Yard remodelling is underway to enable Bilaspur yard to stable more goods trains in waiting. Bilaspu


Defunct Steam loco shed at Chengalpattu. N.C. Vimalakar


That's the old and "abandoned" steam loco shed at Badnera. (Zubin Dotivala)

Villupuram Shed Yard

Villupuram shed yard in 1987.

Steam Shed-NDB

Steam loco trip shed of Nandurbar which is still in quite good condition with an intact roof and almost clean interiors.It also has an antiquated steam crane stabled inside. (Khalid Kagzi)


A turntable seen at Murtijapur Loco Depot. (Abhishek Bajpai)


Abandoned steam shed at Badnera. What a beautiful structure. Can be a nice site for a rail museum. (Satish Gune)