CS 773 Krishnanagar Jn.

The four CS class 2-4-0Ts that operated the Eastern Railway narrow-gauge (2'6") line from Shantipur to Nabadwip Ghat were the smallest engines used on any of the IR narrow-gauge lines - loco weight was 11.75 tons and axle load was a meagre 4.5 tons. CS 773 was built by W G Bagnall in 1926 and was photographed on 1979.02.03 approaching Krishnanagar City with the 1547 Hrs Shantipur to Nabadwip service.

Remarkably, the line was still operational in 2010 with railcars and trailers providing the service, but plans were announced in April that year to convert the line to broad gauge.

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What a picture!!
Posted by Abhinav Bhattacharjee on 2012 May 21 18:58:07 +0100