Steamy Day in Delhi 2007.01.13

Double treat for Delhi-wallahs with two steam runs on the same day. The Fairy Queen departed from Delhi Cantt. and a short while later WP 7200 with a special run from Delhi Safdar Jung.

Date: 2007-01-13
Owner: Shashanka Nanda
Size: 42 items

Rewari WP #7200 the selected loco for the run is all set and decorated !! Some of the 'janta' have a look at the interiors of this magnificent beast.


WP #720 glows under the morning sun as it gets ready to haul the 6 coach Heritage Special.


We start our journey from Delhi Safdarjung.


While passing through the points, an EMU waits for its turn to move ahead.


The WP is off to a great smokey start. There was no lack of security in any of the stations we passed. There were at least 3 RPF's in each platform in every station and 6 RPF's assigned to each coach of the special.


We halt at the only station in the TT :P!!
The train halted at NZM for 12 minutes which gave me ample time to click more pictures of this beast. One can see many tourists taking pictures of the cab.


The screw and hook coupler.


The Heritage Special waits for the starter to turn amber while the workers go on about their buisness.


Now we're off to Anand Vihar.


Thick black smoke emitted out of the funnel. The delhiites had a field day when they saw this loco!!!


Another look of the previous picture.


‘Cough cough!! So much smoking should not be allowed!!!!!’ says the TKD WDM 3A.


And off we go to DLI.....


WP 7200 slows down as we reach DLI outer.


Lines clear, points set......WP 7200 heads on without any break to NZM, completely neglecting NDLS!!

Great stuff both Shashanka and Sid.
Posted by Roopesh Kohad on 2007 Jan 14 06:26:16 +0000