Heritage Steam Runs

Date: 2008-03-02
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WP # 7200

My first Click of a Coal Locomotive: My Dream click. WP # 7200 coal locomotive blasts through Palam station towards Rewari at around 75-80 kmph. around 15-20 people were on the locomotive_04.09.2010. (Dhirendra Maurya)


WP/P 7200 in its latest makeover hauling a steam special on the occasion of eighth national conference of steam locomotives organised by Indian Steam Railway Society on 2011.02.12

freedom day 060

EIR-21 at MBM(MAMBALAM) during AUGUST-15,2011 HERITAGE RUN!! (ashwin gandhi)


Rewari WL 15005 manufactured by Vulcan Foundary In britain in 1955 hauls Delhi cantt.-Alwar Steam Special on New Year Eve.This loco had its last commercial run way back in 1995 in Punjab. After that it was kept in NRM, Delhi . From there it went to Rewari

Steam Locomotive_WP-7161

Indian Steam beauty WP-7161(AKBAR) ready to rolls its special journey from Safderjung Railway Station with Heritage Special towards Rewari Steam Loco Shed. (Nitin Bhardwaj)


Blast From The Past...........:) (Aditya Kaushal)