A YP class loco #6508 which once belonged to the Hyderabad division and was plinthed outside Kacheguda station is not being moved to a new destination, most likely Secunderabad Jn. This information was obtained from passers by and not exactly accurate. Curious onlookers watched the proceedings in awe. 2010-06-04. (Pawan Koppa)

Date: 2010-06-16
Owner: Pawan Koppa
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its a leyland tusker turbo 3516 guys!!
Posted by Deepak Murali on 2010 Jun 17 16:01:43 +0100
you mean Ashok Leyland is taking TATA for a ride? ;-)
Posted by Aseem Johri on 2010 Jun 17 14:43:41 +0100
Yup it is Leyland. The rear axle end cap in other picture shows (.) .
Posted by Satish Gune on 2010 Jun 17 10:02:10 +0100
Aseem... that's an Ashok Leyland Comet for sure!
Posted by Shashanka Nanda on 2010 Jun 17 05:26:15 +0100
Tata on Tata!
Posted by Aseem Johri on 2010 Jun 16 20:58:00 +0100