Surviving and Preserved locomotives in North and North East India

This album contains pictures of surviving and preserved locomotives in Northern and North Eastern India.

Date: 2008-09-29
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YP Class No. 2616 now rests at the DRM office premisis at Ashok Marg, Lucknow. Kindly move this here


YP Class No. 2616 was built by TELCO in the year 1965 at Jamshedpur works. Kindly move this here


P-2 17665 is a 15 inch gauge 4-6-2 steam locomotive that works joy rides train at Bal Bhawan(Children's Museum) located at Kotla Road, Delhi. It was gifted by the manufacturer Krauss-Maffei in 1957 and is scaled on the metre gauge YP class.


A 12 inch scale model of WP 7061 works Joy rides at Karnail Singh stadium at Delhi on the occasion of Railway Week in 1999.


B Class No. 799 plinthed at Rail Bhawan has seen several changes in colour over the years though none came close to the original NFR or DHR liveries. Seen here in 1998 after a fresh coat. Kindly move this [url=


The only two survivors of their class, YL 5000 and 5010 were seen in this condition at Izzatnagar Loco and Carriage Works in 1999 before they were rescued for static preservation. Kindly move this


ZB Class No. 68 locomotive is preserved at Delhi lawyer Arun Mohan's farmhouse in Mehrauli area in pristine condition. Kindly move this here


ZB 68, a 2-6-2 engine was built in 1952 by W. G. Bagnall. It spent all its working life at the 2'6" network around Dabhoi, Western Railway. Kindly move this here


MTR No. 1 is plinthed outside the Northern Railway Headquarters at Baroda House, New Delhi. It has been customised to turn its driving wheels through a motor and blow a horn for public at 5 PM on weekdays. Sister engine MTR No. 2 is preserved at National


KC class No. 520 seen when it was on at plinthed at Northern Railway Ambala Division Headquaters. KC class and its successor ZF class were cab forward locomotives designed to protect the crew from smoke in the long tunnels. Kindly move this [url=http://ww


KC 520 was the last steam locomotive to work on Kalka Simla Railway in 1971 when it retired and has recently been revived to work short excursion trains. It also achieved its share of fame on the silver screen when it featured in 1974 Hindi film `Dost' an


Plaque on KC 520 when it was plinthed. Kindly move this here


WP class No. 7278, a Baldwin product of 1949 is plinthed inside the Charbagh Works at Lucknow. This is an ex. East Indian Railway locomotive that was plinthed on Feb. 10, 1993. I was given a tour of the shop but not allowed to take pictures. Here is one a


T/1 Class No. 32074 is a2-6-2T enginebuilt by Nasmyth Wilson in 1937 and is plinthed at the entrance to Izzatnagar C&W Works. The locomotive was seen in good shape, the weeds are more of seasonal in nature. Kindly move this [url=


Description plate on T/1 32074 locomotive. Kindly move this here