Images from Rewari steam shed by James Billingham

James Billingham recently visited Rewari Steam Shed and found it to be fantastic. Despite the assurance on their website, none of the engines were in steam during his visit. His guide confirmed that all the locomotives were in a steamable condition. All the engines on the list below, except 3724, were coaled, appeared to have recently had oil applied to lubrication points (and the floor underneath) and have evidence of ash and clinker in the ash pan.

Locos 7161 and 15005 were used on the Winter steam express but there is no report of more recent running. The general condition of the locos was what you would expect from retired machinery. Much of the light plate work showed signs of corrosion and patching of perforated areas.

Date: 2012-06-06
Owner: Gallery Administrator
Size: 20 items
DSC_0333_Rewari Shed sign.jpg
DSC_0337_XE 3634@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0347_Roster Board@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0356_WL 15005 Cab view@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0365_AWE 22907@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0372_WP 7161@Rewari Steam Shed.jpg
DSC_0376_WP 7161@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0380_WP 7161@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0386_XE 3634@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0393_YG 3438@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0395_WL 15005@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0406_YG 3438@Rewari.jpg
DSC_0408_YG 3438 + 4252@Rewari.jpg
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After lying in neglect around various yards all over the country uncared and unattended, it is indeed an admirable that most the steam engines have found a good home in Rewari, where they are regularly maintained, steamed. While, the engines still look ...
Posted by Anurag Bist on 2012 Jun 07 21:26:59 +0100
Thanks for the wonderful set, James.
While it is nice to see the effort, I think they have used too much paint to make the locos look artificially good. Being old school, I think the old rustic looks better than this make up!
Posted by Shirish Paranjape on 2012 Jun 07 06:18:55 +0100