Western Railway Narrow Gauge System

Pictures taken over the years on the former Gaekwar Baroda State Railways that was centred around the Dabhoi Jn. station. Also contains pictures of other narrow gauge sustems besides GBSR within Gujrat.

Date: 2004-10-20
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Gaekwar Baroda State Railways (GBSR)
Album: Gaekwar Baroda State Railways (GBSR)

Pictures of GBSR over the years


WR 0-6-2 W Coaling 583 at Bhavnagar terminus. By Rob Dickinson, 1975/1976.


WR 0-6-2 W 573 at Bhavnagar, Bagnall 1975/1912. By Rob Dickinson, 1975/1976.


WR 0-6-4T WT 596 at Nadiad, Bagnall 2280/1925. By Rob Dickinson, 1975/1976.


Another view of W class #574, built in 1912 by W Bagnall of Stafford England, at Bilimora station.1993


W class #574 waiting at Bilimora station with the morning train to Waghai 1993


W 577 hauling the Billimoria - Waghai mixed in Jan. 1982.