Historical Steam

This album contains undated, non location or railway specific historical images of steam on all gauges. Contains builder pictures, ex works, publicity material, vintage advertisements, posters and Indian locomotives in transit and on foreign soil. Also contains pictures of last runs of specific locomotives and last steam haulage on a particular route.

Date: 2003-03-01
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L Class Locomotives
Album: L Class Locomotives

L Class Locomotives


Final run of WL 15005 seen entering the National Rail Museum. Photo by Harsh Vardhan, Dec. 1995.


WL 15005 Sher-e-Punjab arrives at National Rail Museum - Dec. 1995


WL 15005 `Sher-e-Punjab' seen arriving at the National Rail Museum on its final run on 21st Dec. 1995. The locomotive hauled Udyan Abha Toofan Express from Firozpur Jn. to Delhi Jn. earlier in the day. - Harsh Vardhan


WL #15057 at Chittaranjan Loco Works. Scan provided by Harsh Vardhan.


Early WP manufactured in Canada. Scan provided by Harsh Vardhan.


Bengal Nagpur Rly. P class Beyer Garratt, RG 1940. Provided by John Lacey.


North Western Railway's first modified E class (E/M) loco. Provided by John Lacey.


Three variations on the E class Atlantics. Scan provided by John Lacey.


BB&CI Rly.'s Frontier Mail on the run, hauled by an XC loco. Scan from a postcard, provided by John Lacey.


GIPR loco #322 in 1906. Provided by John Lacey.


Nilgiri Mountain Railway X class locomotive at the SLM works. Builder's photo. Scan provided by John Lacey.


WP #3037 ex-works, on standard gauge bogies. Scan provided by John Lacey.


WP #3036 built with a Giesl ejector. Scan provided by John Lacey.


WP steam and firing tests, 1957. Scan provided by John Lacey.