Rail Coach Restaurant - Shaan-E-Bhopal Express

A rail coach restaurant has been started by MP Tourism in Bhopal in March-2007. It's named after the Shaan-E-Bhopal Express. Pictures provided by Khalid Kagzi.

Date: 2008-08-04
Owner: Gallery Administrator
Size: 16 items
2--Shaan-E-Bhopal-Signal at the entrance

This lower quadrant semaphore is placed at the entrance to the lawn leading up to the restaurant.The signal is lowered when the restaurant is open and put back to ON when it closes.A lever is provided at the base of the signal to operate it.

3--Lever to operate the signal-Shaan-E-Bhopal

The lever which is used to operate the lower quadrant signal at the entrance to the restaurant.

5--Shaan-E-Bhopal Platform

The elegant platform canopy which also has a few tables for patrons who want to sit outside.Note the antique clock at the far end of platform.

1--Shaan-E-Bhopal--Exterior View

View of the "platform" and the exterior of the rail-coach restaurant.

4--Shaan-E-Bhopal Destination Boards

The Shaan-E-Bhopal restaurant is managed by MP tourism.


The well appointed interior of the rail-coach restaurant.

8--Shaan-E-Bhopal--Exterior View-2

Another view of the exterior of the restaurant.Note the steam locomotive model which is unfortunately covered in a protective plastic sheet.Its a model of the first type of steam locomotive which ran in India.

10--Steam Loco Model

A closer view of the steam locomotive model.Its described in the next picture which gives a view of the plaque fitted to the display.

11--Steam Loco Plaque--Shaan-E-Bhopal

The plaque fitted to the display of the steam locomotive model.

12--Signal Post Profile

A view of the lawn in front of the restaurant.

7--Shaan-E-Bhopal--Exterior View-Stained Glass

Intricate stained-glass panel fitted in the vestibule space.

9--Shaan-E-Bhopal-Coupling View

Coupling of the coach.Note the AC units placed under the coach and the power supply being given from the battery charging terminals of the coach.


Yet another photo of the menu card of Shan-e-Bhopal restaurant. The food and service was good, and our time there immensely enjoyable! (Shirish Paranjape)


Another photo of menu card of Shan-e-Bhopal restaurant.
Need we say more! (Shirish Paranjape)


Photo of menu card of Shan-e-Bhopal restaurant. (Shirish Paranjape)