Science Express at Thrissur

Pictures of the Science Express at Thrissur. Pictures provided by Deepak Murali, IRFCA Thrissur.

Date: 2010-01-01
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and each coach is numbered as in the picture with the description of that coach. ()


here it compares the growth of a human with that of a tree. amazing to see that a 2.5 kg infant is grown to an average adult of 75kg but 2.5gm seed can grow to a tree which weighs more than 75 tonnes. ()


an interesting depiction of energy waste.its called ketchup shows the waste created during the making of a simple sache of ketchup. pic explains it all. (deepak murali)


the buttons on this globe can show the description of that particular area with a video simulation. (deepak murali)


another view of the curious crowd. (deepak murali)


the most interesting stuff i found in this train is these meteoroids. (deepak murali)


close up of a meteoroid. (deepak murali)


and this is what i didnt like at all. IR has been showcased but with a foreign train. (deepak murali)


this particular instrument can give you the weight beyond the earth at different planet. weight difference is due to the difference in the gravity of that particular planet/star. (deepak murali)


the entire rake of the science express at thrissur. (deepak murali)


a zoomed out view of the rake in the curve. (deepak murali)


curiosity intensifies for the child who goes to c the entire train while the gorakhpur bound Raptisagar express enters thrissur station. (deepak murali)


The Science express under its phase 2 run arrived at thrissur for a 3 day visit. you can see the crowd to board the train. please note that the pic has been clicked on a harthal day!!
(deepak murali)


The name says it all... (deepak murali)


the que of people goes on.... (deepak murali)

A nice educative album. Thanks Deepak.
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2010 Jan 04 07:20:47 +0000
Nice set of pics. I tried to take pics last year but got shooed off by black cat security. NDM is especially lucky
Posted by Jimmy Jose on 2010 Jan 04 03:13:01 +0000