Grease Dispensing System

Pictures of the Grease Dispensing System (by M/S Portec Rail) taken by Ashish Kuvelkar at the Monkey Hill Cabin

Date: 2008-06-16
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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Grease dispenser by M/S Portec Rail has been installed near Monkey Hill Cabin. The cable going towards right, supplies power to the unit. The thin cable at the bottom carries signals from the wheel sensor. The thick cable carries grease to track. The righ


The grease dispensing system consists of 2 pairs of gauge face applicators through which the grease driven by the pump (in the main unit) comes out. (asHIsh)


The contactless wheel sensor is fixed little upstream on one of the rails. (asHIsh)


Each gauge face applicator has 12 pores, through which grease is forced out, when a wheel passes over it. (asHIsh)