WCM5 20083 `Lokmanya', the Chittaranjan built first WCM5 used to be the regular power for the Deccan Queen in its heydays. Here seen on an off-link in a rarely photographed all brown with yellow stripe livery in July 1980.

Date: 2009-01-07
Owner: Harsh Vardhan
Full size: 1280x1137

Looks like those huge American diesels.
Posted by Guest on 2009 Jun 24 13:11:45 +0100
This is the first WCM 5 of the fleet of 22 ( this was "Lokmanya" No.20083 ) built by CLW in 1961,in a collaboration with English Electric Co.
Posted by Anirban Dasgupta (guest) on 2009 Jun 17 01:55:42 +0100
The coaches were Double Decker for Deccon Queen in those days, i suppse...
Posted by Anand (guest) on 2009 May 28 05:45:56 +0100
Oh sorry tht was typo error I mean to say brown livery of WCM-5 till late 70's....and in 80's we all know WCM-1 used to get the DQ livery..
Posted by Devraj Malekar on 2009 Jan 14 09:28:51 +0000
WCM-1 was full black with a red strip..
Posted by Devraj Malekar on 2009 Jan 12 13:37:28 +0000
This WCM-5 livery was dark brown with a yellow strip till late 80's...watch movie DEEWAR(1975) of Amitabh for first 45 min,there is a small shot of this loco hauling a train
Posted by Devraj Malekar on 2009 Jan 12 13:36:10 +0000
the loco pilot is also quite amused at this railfan....
Posted by Milind on 2009 Jan 09 11:15:20 +0000
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Agree with Jattin Bhai that since 1980's I have never ever seen this type of WCM5. This loco design was seen in films like Aaye Din Baahar Ke" in 1967. My father says that in 1970's he never saw this livery of WCM5. Later it's look was remodelled from 3...
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2009 Jan 09 06:30:48 +0000
Thanks for this picture. Monstrous & frightening loco I have to say.
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2009 Jan 09 06:25:10 +0000
Can anybody explain this livery...
Since 1980 I have seen DQ in its famous and the best Ambulance livery.
Posted by Jatin Bhavsar on 2009 Jan 09 03:27:50 +0000
Lovely Picture Thanks for Sharing.
Posted by Raj Bhavsar on 2009 Jan 08 08:43:03 +0000