WCM-1, WCM-2, WCM-3, WCM-4, WCM-5 and WCM-6 series

CR's old (and now extinct, except for the WCM-6) mixed traffic DC locomotives.

Date: 2006-05-01
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WCM-5 prototype. Photo provided by Apurva Bahadur.


WCM-1 hauling the Deccan Queen in matching livery. Provided by Vijay Balasubramanian.


A WCM-1 hauling the Deccan Queen. Scan provided by Vijay Balasubramanian.


WCM-5 locos at Pune trip shed, April 2003. Photo by Apurva Bahadur.


Yours truly on WCM-1, Dadar Terminus 1972


A WCM-2 class loco of the Eastern Railway, built by English Electric. These locos were used on ER's 3000V DC section and later moved to the 1500V DC Bombay section when ER switched to AC traction. Scan from the British Locomotive and Allied Manufacturers'


An early loco of the EM/1 class (later reclassified as WCM-1) with a freight train. Scan from the British Locomotive and Allied Manufacturers' Association trade brochure, 1957. Uploaded by Jimmy Jose.


WCM2 waiting for torch at KYN. This same loco was captured on film in 2001. Kalyan Loco shed, Feb 28, 2005. By Prakash Tendulkar.


The sole surviving WCM5. Chittaranjan Loco Works, February 2005. By Prakash Tendulkar.


Loco 20101 on 312 Up Sahydri express. Neral, March 1980. David Churchill.


Guard flags away Deccan Express loco 20068. Neral, 19 Feb 1979. David Churchill.


Deccan Queen passes Neral station - loco 20176. Neral, 19 Feb 1979. David Churchill.


A dead as a doornail WCM-1 #20068 coupled to a WDM-4 at Delhi Safdarjung rly station.this relic had been brought as an exhibit at the nearby NRM but did not make the cut (the WDM-4 did and you and Prakash have seen it on the turntable at NRM) due to enexp


WCM-5 #20103 lays at rest just outside a shed at CLW. Mo preservation attempts yet. Chittaranjan, WB, 2005-11-24


WCM # 20103 is undergoing a paint job.It is on its way to the new Railway Museum in Howrah. Electric loco shed,HWH.