WAP5 Construction and Testing

Images taken during the construction and testing of the WAP5 locomotives at the ABB factories in Switzerland and Australia. All images © Ron Bannon - All Rights Reserved. Images provided by - 'Locomotives of Indian Railways'

Date: 2013-07-08
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The body shell ( & bogies ) of 30005 have just arrived at the ABB factory in Switzerland from its long journey from Australia, it is parked beside its brother (father,mother,sister or cousin) waiting to be picked up for delivery ready for hard work in


On the road transport to the Rhine to be loaded onto a barge for transit to Rotterdam in Holland, then by an Indian cargo vessel to Calcutta.


WAP 5 locomotive 30000 Leaving the ABB Tramont factory on its long journey to Calcutta.


"When the WAP 5 locomotives were being assembled in the Swiss workshop one important thing was done at the beginning, that was to have a progress board placed in the front to show what stage of the build it had progressed to, the information was upda


The first two Indian locomotives WAP5 30000 & 30001 being tested in the ABB workshop in Switzerland after assembly, the bodies & bogies were made in Australia & fitted out in Switzerland.


The first Indian WAP 5 Locos being 11 total were all assembled & tested at the ABB factory in Switzerland, the bodies & bogies were manufactured in Australia, the first 2 were actually flown over in the large Russian transporter, they all then wen


In July 1995 WAP 5 locomotive 30000 was completed, tested & ready for delivery to the Indian Railways, but before delivery a special ceremony was organized to officially hand-over the locomotive to the representatives of I.R. & Indian government m


WAP 5 loco 30000 at the ABB factory in Switzerland undergoing one of its final quality assurance requirements before delivery is to pass a "water test" to ensure monsoon rains do not enter the locomotive by improper sealing of doors, windows


During the delivery of #30000 Coconuts being smashed on the coupler of the very first WAP5 locomotive


I.R. officials & government representatives + an Indian driver enter the cab for a "joyride" down the track.


A snap suring the delivery ceremony of 30000 WAP5. "The ceremony has started with everybody saying how wonderful everything is!" - Ron Bannon (Service Engineer, ABB)


The test track at the ABB factory in Switzerland with WAP 5 loco 30000 being moved for the very 1st time.


WAP 5 locomotive 30000 has been driven by an experienced Indian driver to the end of the test track, but the officials back at the ceremony & party site were worried that it got lost so they called upon two Swiss mountain horn blowers to call the loco


The locomotive bodies & bogies were built in the ABB factory in Victoria Australia, owing to some delays that occurred during manufacture the first two locomotives flew from Australia to Switzerland. You can now really say the WAP 5 locos can fly.


A snapshot of an article from the brochure introduced by ABB back in 90s.

Wonderful! Thanks a lot for sharing it.
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Thanks for sharing these gems for locos which have special place in my heart, but why are credits shared with a facebook page?
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