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Date: 2003-03-01
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Layout of Manmad Jn. By Shanx (stormcatcher).


Rough layout of lines at Ernakulam. 29 Nov 2003. By D. Jagadheep.


A general scheme of the area at Kalamboli - Panvel depicting the Diva - Panvel route and the CR Harbour line. 2004-02-10. By Vivek Manvi.


Sketch of the layout of tracks and permanent ways around Bangalore. PC Work, Bangalore, 1/3/04. By Naren Damodaran.


Map of the Amravati to Nrakhed Railway single non electrified line. Amravati, 2004-03-12. By Zubin Dotivala.


Track layout of Vijaywada Jn. and surrounding areas. 22/06/2004. By Shashanka.


Map of the YPR-KJM route thru BAND. The new line is in green colour, running thru BYPL Yard to enter the SBC-MAS Main Line at BYPL thereby eliminating loco reversal at YNK. Bangalore. By Naren Damodaran.


The lines marked in red show the Goods Avoiding Line (GAL) in Delhi. These routes are used to prevent freight traffic from entering the busy HNZM-NDLS=DLI corridor. 17/7/2004. By Shashanka (original Map By Samit Roy Choudhary).


A scan of the map that the legendary hunter Kenneth Anderson illustrated in his book ' The Black Panther of Sivanapalli' which shows the Guntakal, Nandyal, Dronachellam, Gazulpalli,Basavapuram, Chelama, Bogara and Diguvametta. The latter 5 stations were t


Layout of branch line from MLY to KCG. This avoids reversal for south bound freights at SC. By Aniketh.


Corrected layout of Secundrabad East exit. 30/09/2004. By Shashanka.


This is a rough, certainly not to scale, diagram of the Diamond Crossing area on the Delhi/Howrah side of Nagpur station. Nagpur, Diamond Crossing. By Alok Patel.


Indian Railways A & B routes. By Varun.


Station Layout of the Secunderabad Junction. By Andrews.


Bombay area map. About 1946. By From Press Information Booklet Loaded By David Churchill.