BBCIR / Western Railway Suburban System

Pictures of BBCIR and Western Railway suburban system of Bombay (Mumbai) from the yesteryears.

Contributed by R Harish Kumar and Harsh Vardhan. Some scans are through the courtesy of Deepak Dongre.

Date: 2009-12-06
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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A white Metro Cammell EMU rake of Western Railway arrives at Churchgate. Parked on the adjacent platform and ready to depart is an original 1928 Cammell Laird rake.


The special train leaving the new Churchgate Station for Mahalaxmi after opening ceremony - 1957 (R Harish Kumar)

1908.12.01 BBCIR suburban front

BBCIR Bombay suburban railway time table cover date 1908.12.01 The system extended from Colaba to Virar at this time.


A vintage 3 coach EMU rake in the early 1940's. (R Harish Kumar)


No. 41, an eight car EMU from Virar to Churchgate is seen on old Bassein bridge. Circa 1969.


An eight car EMU is seen on the old Vasai(Bassein) Creek bridge. Note the closed doors.


An EMU proceeds towards Churchgate (R Harish Kumar)


A churchgate bound EMU on its way (R Harish Kumar)


Metro Cammell and ICF standard EMU rakes of Western Railway parked side by side at Bombay central EMU shed. Circa 1970.


EMUs of yesteryears lined up. Mumbaikars, this is for you. Scan Provided by Deepak Dongre (R Harish Kumar)


A common scene of Mumbai then or now... always crowded to the brim :) (R Harish Kumar)


A common scene, now and then. Crowd trying to get there way out of Churchgate Station. (R Harish Kumar)


Oldie running across the Vasai Bridge (R Harish Kumar)


A coparatively newer variant of EMU at the Vasai Bridge (R Harish Kumar)


An EMU running across Vasai Bridge (R Harish Kumar)

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An excellent collection. Thank you very much for this visual treat!
Posted by Sagar J. Tipnis on 2009 Dec 28 16:07:21 +0000
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No doubt it is great Album but has been uploaded without any authority from Western Railway . This is the property of Western Railway . Western Railway have original CD which has about 847 files (681 Mb). Nobody else has scanned these files .These are ...
Posted by Rajendra Saxena on 2009 Dec 18 09:11:02 +0000
Great album. Many thanks for uploading it.
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2009 Dec 14 07:21:55 +0000