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Old time table : 14-A Reverse of the previous Table No. 14 from trains at a Glance 2001

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Old Time Table from 2001 : Table No. 14. This maybe the last Trains at a Glance to feature Cochin harbour Terminus. The station was removed from Trains at a glance 2002 onwards. Note that most of the trains still had a FC instead of a 3A

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Old time table from 1990 : Table no. 15 "Kanniyakumari-Trivandrum-Ernakulam-Cochin-Calicut-Mangalore"

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Old time table from 1990 : Table no. 15 A, reverse of the above

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Old time table from 1990 : Table No. 14A, reverse of the above

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Old time table from 1990 : Table No. 14 "Madras-Coimbatore-Cochin-Trivandrum-Mangalore" from Trains at a Glance 1990. See how many express trains operate from Cochin now


Old time table from 1975 : By now, 16 trains are operating to and from Cochin Harbour Terminus. 19/20 is now called Madras - Cochin Mail. This train was extented to Trivandrum later and is now the 2623/2624 madras-Trivandrum Mail. Another train, No. 41


Old time table from 1960 : By now, Cochin Terminus is no longer just a branch line. 29/30 Malabar Express has been introduced to Mangalore. Through passenger trains have been introduced to Canannore and Mangalore too. Thanks to David Churchill for the


Old Time table from 1960 : By 1960, the 513/514 Mangalore Express has been renamed 1/2 Mangalore Mail and and 561/562 Madras Cochin Express has been renumbered 19/20 Madras Cochin Express. This numbers would be continue to be used on these trains for mor


Old time table from 1944. There was no direct train from Madras to Cochin Terminus in 1944. There were slip coaches though. The Malabar Express to Mangalore and Blue Mountain Express to Ooty were the only two express trains. Numbers of these two train


Old time table from 1940. Timings on the branch line from Shoranaur to Cochin Harbour Terminus. Train No. 931/932 passengers were the connection to Malabar Express then. Note the stations Ernakulam North and Ernakulam South (for Ernakulam Town and Erna


Old time table : Madras - Ernakulam abstract from 1955. By now, there is a separate train to Cochin Harbour Terminus from Madras Central, the 561/562 Express. This train had slip coaches from Ooty too that joined at Coimbatore. Malabar Express is renam


Old time table from 1979: By now the 19/20 Mail is extented to Trivandrum as Trivandrum - Madras mail. Thanks to Chris Pieterski for the Bradshaw


Old time table from 1979 : 41/42 Kerala Express is now 41/42 madras Cochin Express. Many trains earlier operating from Cochin Terminus is now running upto Trivandrum Central. 125/126 is the only train with AC 2 tier. 19/20 has AC chair car. Thanks to


Old time table : Cochin Shoranaur line from 1955. The only express train in the sector is 561/562 Madras - Cochin Express. Thanks to Chris Pieterski for the bradshaw