1934 Indian Bradshaw

Scans from the 1934 Indian Bradshaw. Scans provided by Jimmy Jose.

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1934 Bradshaw, page 309

Calcutta Steam Navigation Company Ltd ferry services on Line 1: Calcutta (Armenian Ghat) - Geonkhali - Tamluk - Ranichuk

1934 Bradshaw, page IX (Steamer Index)

The entire steam ferry service index from 1934 bradshaw (Page no. IX)

1934 Bradshaw, page 106

Steam ferry services in Bihar (Page No. 106)

1934 Bradshaw, page 308a

Calcutta Port Commissioner's Ferry Service time tables. Routes: Chandpal-Botanicalgardens-Rajgunje

1934 Bradshaw, page 308b

The Bengal Burma Steam Navigation Co., Ltd Time Tables. Managing Agents - Scindia Steam Navigation Co., Ltd. The company served two routes - Chittagong-Rangoon Mail service and Chittagong-Cox's Bazar service. Two ships operated on The Chittagong-Rangoon

1934 Bradshaw, page 310

Calcutta Steam Navigation Company Ltd operated several lines - Times and fares for Santipore line, Katwa line, Murshidabad line and Islampore line

1934 Bradshaw, page 312a

1934 Bradshaw, page 312a. Indian General Navigation and Railway Company Ltd (IGN & RY Ltd). Assam-Sunderban Despatch Service between Calcutta (Juggernath Ghat) and Dibrugarh was not run to a timings. Fares are available though

1934 Bradshaw, page 312b

Rivers Steam Navigation Company Ltd (RSN Co. Ltd) time tables - Goalundo-Bahadurabad daily mail service, Serajganj-juggernathganj mail service, Serajganj feeder service

1934 Bradshaw, page 314c

Indian General Navigation and Railway Company Ltd (IGN & RY Ltd) Dhalasseri Service between Narayanganj Dacca Ghat and Porabari

1934 Bradshaw, page 314a

Rivers Steam navigation Company Ltd (RSN Co. Ltd) time tables - Amingaon-Tezpur, Tezpur-Kokilamukh and Borduti Feeder

1934 Bradshaw, page 314b

The Singri-Panchori River Tramway Services. What is a "River Tramway"? Can someone clarify?

1934 Bradshaw, page 316

Pudda Service : Bhedarganj-Bohar-Chandpur service, Dacca-Serajdigha Motor Boat Service, Narayanganj-Serajdigha Motor Boat Service, Lakhya feeder service, Khulna-Dhumuria-Chucknagar Motor Service

1934 Bradshaw, page 316B

Indian General Navigation and Railway Company Ltd (IGN & RY Ltd). Narayanganj-Bhairab-Chhatak and Chhatak-Sylhet service time table

1934 Bradshaw, page 318

River Steam navigation Company (RSN Co. Ltd) operated the Calcutta (Sealdah)-Barisal-Dacca Mail service and the Barisal-Calcutta (Sealdah) Express. Time Tables and Fares on these services

1934 Bradshaw, page 317

IGS & Ry Company Ltd and RSN Company Ltd operated the Chachar Sunderban Despatch Service. Fenchuganj-Karimganj, Fenchuganj-Moulavi Bazaar Feeder, Lakhipur Feeder Service (Irregular Cargo service, not run according to time table). Note the Newmann's