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Limits of EIR in 1943. Note Mughal Sarai was part of DNR. DHN division also does not exist. So LKO, MB, and ALD went to NR and the remaining became ER. (Samar)


It looks to me as the Doon-Punjab express had slip coaches for Dehradun at Laksar, hence the 9/10 Doon express. After 1947, the Punjab express to Lahore must have been discontinued and Doon express became a full-fledged train between DDN-HWH. From the ear


Delhi-Howrah section from EIR 1943. Note that the platforms nos are given in the TT itself. Indeed 3005/06 was called Punjab mail once and before 1947, there were two Punjab mails for sure. (Samar)


Howrah-Delhi EIR 1943. Note the Doon-Punjab express. Note the predeccesors of today's Kalka, 2321/22, and Toofan. (Samar)


Cover page of EIR time table of 1943. Note the price which is 2 annas, which is 1/8 of a rupee. Thanks to Mr. Bisht and Paul Atkins (UK) for providing these. (Samar)


Collector's item: Probably the last issue of the All-India Railway Timetable, 1975 (Ajai Banerji)


Scan from the Bengal Assam Railway timetable showing the Darjeeling Mail, Surma Mail, and Assam Mail pre-Partition. Date uncertain, mid-1940s. Scan provided by Samit Roychoudhury and Rahul Biswas. (Rahul Biswas & Samity Roychoudhury)

Madras - Colombo Abstract 1955

Madras-Colombo Abstract from 1955. Here too, only 601/602 Indo Ceylon Express can be found. No Boat Mail. Thanks to Chris Pietruski (Jimmy Jose)

Madras - Colombo via Dhanushkodi Abstract, 1931

Madras-Colombo via Danushkodi from 1931. There is no mention of Boat Mail but Indo-Ceylon Exp. It is interesting to note that SIR did not have any trains that were "Mails". All of thier trains were "Express". Any idea why? Thanks t

Madras - Colombo via Tuticorin Abstract, 1931

The second route from Madras to Colombo was via Tuticorin. Abstract from Bradshaw, 1931. Thanks to Chris Pietruski (Jimmy Jose)

Ceylon Info, 1931

Information on travel to Ceylon from Bradshaw of 1931. Thanks to Chris Pietruski for providing this gem! (Jimmy Jose)