Unveiling National Rail Museum New Delhi 2015

After 38 years of long establishment, National Rail Museum is undergoing a massive overhauling. From last one year with active patronage from Railway Board and herculean efforts of nearly 1200 finest workers from 30 Railway workshops along with allied contractors all its priceless outdoor exhibits are being restored to their original signing glory. Metal works, wood works (even with expensive teak or deodar wood) was carried out, original fittings as restored or imitated, durable Auto-coat PU paint is applied with proper surface finish.
Dear member as a proud chief restorer of the project let me share few results. Hope you will like it

PS : Indoor Gallery, elevated canteen, Shed on the outdoor exhibits, garden scale rail, miniature steam and diesel train (1:8 and 1: 22 scale) is expected in this year.

Date: 2015-02-15
Owner: Gallery Administrator
Size: 72 items

Nilgiri Coach: Restored by GOC Workshop. All damaged wooden panels,handrails, door locks are replaced, missing components added, canvas curtains added as original one, lights made functional.Wall to wall dust catching carpet added. (Subhabrata)


Inside Nilgiri Coach. Sorry for the dust, although cleaned regularly this happens after every weekend and holidays. (Subhabrata)


F 734: Restored by Ajmer Workshop. Apart from major structural overhauling lights and whistles are functional (Battery operated) (Subhabrata)


E 207: Restored by NRM. Apart from regular restoration colour scheme changed as per archival records, Motion components are being motorised for demonstration. Lights and whistle are being made funcional. (Subhabrata)


Prince of Wales Saloon: Restored by NRM. All damaged wood works restored. original lights and fans currently under restoration (Subhabrata)


Prince of Wales Saloon Inside : Restored by NRM. (Subhabrata)


Mysore Maharaja Saloon: Restored by Hubli Workshop: Apart from regular restoration All interior furnishing, Electrical equipments (original) repaired, upholstery restored. CRB award winner in Best restored Coaches and Saloon category (Subhabrata)


Mysore Maharaja Saloon - Inside view (Subhabrata)


Vice Regal Dining Car: Restored by NRM. Inside restoration is going on (Subhabrata)


YCG1: Restored by Perambur Workshop. Apart from usual restoration every cab equipment, HTC Room are restored, components are labelled. Colour scheme changed as per archival records. (Subhabrata)


PSMT: Restored and made functional by NRM with technical assistance from Amritsar Workshop (Subhabrata)


Fowler SrR 203: Restored by Ajmer Workshop. Apart from regular restoration, lights and whistle are made functional. (Subhabrata)


New member: An 1:8 scale toy train and station (Subhabrata)


New member: An 1:8 scale toy train and station (Subhabrata)


P-31652 : Restored by Jhansi Workshop. Apart from regular restoration, lights and whistle are made functional. (Subhabrata)

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What a fantastic restoration effort. Hats off to all the 1200 workers and the chief who overlooked this herculean task. Feels heartening to see that so much interest is being taken to restore to the minutest detail possible. Great job Shubhabrata and team!
Posted by Pawan Koppa on 2015 Mar 03 10:06:37 +0000
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I am overwhelmed and speechless with such encouraging response from you. Thanks a lot.

Shirish: We tried to maintain liveries from archival records, oldest available photos and in consultation with various railfans and historians across the...
Posted by Gallery Administrator on 2015 Feb 24 08:21:05 +0000
A great group of pictures. I do like the before and after views.
The restoration work is excellent and was much needed. Thanks to the many people involved
Posted by David Churchill on 2015 Feb 23 09:39:02 +0000