Scans from the Internet Archive of book Images

Miscellaneous scans of historical subjects from the Internet Archive of Book Images at Flickr. These are among the many millions of scans of books that are out of copyright that have been posted to Flickr by Kalev Leetaru at Georgetown University in 2014 as part of a project sponsored by Yahoo (which owns Flickr). Several scans related to railways in India from this archive have been added here.

Date: 2014-11-29
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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Bombay tramways tracklaying, 1906?
Bori Bunder terminal for Bombay tramways
Gasoline motor cars, Karachi Tramways. 1907
Bombay Poon Mail, 1900s
ISR North Western Railway locomotive, Vulcan Foundry
GIPR passenger coach, 1900s
Head-on collision, 1907

Aftermath of head-on collision. Location and identity of trains involved unknown; date stated to be "December 1907". The accident is said to have resulted in many fatalities. Photograph originally from Illustrated London News. Scan from the Inte

Goods train descending the ghats, early 1900s
GIPR train
Great Indian Peninsula Railway military band. 1900s.
Passenger train, 1900s
BNR locomotive
Saloon coach for King Edward VII, 1875
Manual coupling, 1900s
Sentinel loco, 1900s