WDM2 17422 from Katni shed hauling a long line of four-wheeled stock near Hazrat Nizamuddin in 1977.

Date: 2012-06-09
Owner: Harsh Vardhan
Full size: 1560x1048

wow!! nice pic!!!
By the way, the height of 4-wheeler stock was lesser than current BCNA rakes!!!
Posted by Bhaveen Patel on 2012 Jun 11 14:43:00 +0100
Note the Indian Railways' own Door-to-door Container Service 4 wheeler wagon, a precursor to the modern ISO standard shipping container wagons. Comment by Alexander Jojo.
Posted by Gallery Administrator on 2012 Jun 11 13:59:54 +0100
@Chitrath. I believe the flasher lamp was introduced after the terrible accident at Gaisal involving the Brahmaputra Mail and Assam Awadh express. I stand to be corrected for the details I submitted.
Posted by Gowri Sankar R on 2012 Jun 11 13:58:27 +0100
No flash lamp on the loco???
Posted by Chitrarth Parghi on 2012 Jun 11 08:56:00 +0100