IRFCA's Two Day outing at Regional Rail Museum (RRM) Chennai

IRFCA's two day visit to the Regional Rail Museum Chennai on 16th August and 17th August 2008.

Actions covered:
1. YAM1 21909 plinthed at RRM (includes Cab shots)
2. New Model Railway at the Museum Gallery
3. IRFCA pictures at the Museum Gallery
4. Joy Ride in the Toy Train (including a Footplate Ride)
5. Re-railing of YDM1R 6015 (using Hydraulic Jacks, Traverser)

Pictures by Gowri Sankar R, IRFCA Chennai.

Date: 2004-07-02
Owner: Gowri Sankar R
Size: 121 items

Power generating Car of Meter Gauge EMU at Railway Museum , Perambur. (Ashwin Rao)

Superb set of pics Gowri sir. I am absolutely speechless and awestruck
Posted by Harsh Dinesh on 2008 Aug 27 06:02:31 +0100