Bombay Baroda and Central India Railway (BBCIR)

Pictures of the Bombay Baroda and Central India Railway.

Pictures of BBCIR are from Bombay (Mumbai) and surrounding area. Photos were shared by a relative who is a Western Railway employee. Scanning provided by Deepak Dongre. (R Harish Kumar)

Date: 2009-12-13
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Steam locomotive belonging to BB & CI Railways hauls a passenger train into Bombay Central. Note the relatively new and elegant cabin building. (R Harish Kumar)


An Indian Flying Scotsman! P class locomotives No. 601 & 602 were precursor to the XC class locomotives. These two were built by Kitson in 1924 (R Harish Kumar)


Frontier Mail hauled by an H class 4-6-0 locomotive No. 511, pulls out of Ballard Pier Railway Station. (R Harish Kumar)


Locomotive No. 702 was one of the only three locomotives built belonging to the M class. It was built in 1924 by Kitson (R Harish Kumar).


No. 345 was member of H class 4-6-0 locomotives. This engine was built by North British in Glasgow in 1909. R Harish Kumar


Frontier mail ready to depart from Ballard Pier with a pair of H class locomotive. The leading engine is No. 358 which was built by North British in 1915 (R Harish Kumar)


H class 4-6-0 locomotive No. 542 hauling what appears to be a mail train (R Harish Kumar)


An earlier locomotive of BBCIR, No. 8 became known as `Palej'. It was an A class 2-4-0T locomotive built by Robert Stephenson & Co in 1881 (R Harish Kumar)


D1 class 4-4-0 locomotive No. 248. It was known as `Princess May' (R Harish Kumar)


A resplendent H class 4-6-0 locomotive No. 348 is probably being prepared for a royal trip. (R Harish Kumar)


A meter gauge BBCIR locomotive. No. 98 was a B class 0-4-4 tank locomotive built by Dubs in 1874. Earlier examples were built by Naysmth Wilson. The location of this picture could be Ajmer works. (R Harish Kumar)


Seen here is what appears to be a long distance suburban train (R Harish Kumar)


H class 4-6-0 locomotives were designed to haul fast and heavy passengers trains of the era. No. 554 here is showing what it is capable of (R Harish Kumar)


Frontier Mail hauled by Steam Engine near Bassai (Vasai) - 1930 (R Harish Kumar)


First train to run across the newly constructed Vasai Bridge. (R Harish Kumar)

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