North Western Railway Heritage

Date: 2005-02-19
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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Antique coathooks from 1910.


Another view of the 2-6-2 narrow gauge loco #64. The narrow gauge lines in this area were dismantled around 1982.


A restored vintage hand-operated crane, 1890.


The back of the North Western Railway postcard designed to be sent for intimation of processing for the release of final settlement payment related to a consignment dispute claim.


An North Western Railway postcard of India Postage Service carrying a picture of King George V was still in circulation by Pakistan Postal Service for Pakistan Railway in 1963.


Caption from the back of the picture: "Railway bridge over the river Huroo (Haro) used as a road bridge as well as a road (rail) bridge had been washed away. Aug.1929- Oct.1931."This is a North Western railway bridge picture taken by a unkno