Delhi Jn. under Western Railway. When was this?

Date: 2012-03-02
Owner: Harsh Vardhan
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Date/Time 2012 Mar 02 02:52:01 +0000

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Yes indeed! There is one more section on the turret that can be seen on the one on the rear which has the missing word "North". Delhi station used to be shared by East Indian Railway and North Western Railway and its successor Eastern Punjab Railway.
Posted by Harsh Vardhan on 2012 May 15 18:48:51 +0100
Was it in the Western Railway or in North Western Railway ?
A portion is missing in the photograph.
Posted by Subhabrata Chatterjee on 2012 May 15 06:11:38 +0100
Like the "Printer's devil", could it have been a "Painter's devil" ?

Seriously, we need to look into the history of Railways in India.

Posted by S. Srinivas on 2012 May 15 05:17:12 +0100
can see that old Chevrolet military truck!
Posted by Aseem Johri on 2012 May 15 01:45:49 +0100
By any chance, was there a single alphabet N, on the top? Long shot I know...
Posted by Naren Damodaran on 2012 May 14 15:09:44 +0100
there was no photoshop then either!! really intriguing
Posted by Aseem Johri on 2012 May 14 13:47:51 +0100