Chappar Rift railway line

The second railway line to Quetta via the Chappar Rift, completed in 1887, was a landmark in the history of railways of northwestern British India, and a remarkable feat of engineering. The images here are mostly scans of old photographs and posters. Scans have been provided by Owais Mughal. See the accompanying article on the Chappar Rift by Owais Mughal. Google Map link to these images

Date: 2011-11-26
Owner: Gallery Administrator
Size: 22 items
View of Chappar Rift bridge and tunnel
Mud gorge tunnel
View of Chappar Rift bridge and tunnel
Chappar rift from the north
Chappar rift tunnels
Another view of the Chappar rift tunnels
Inspection trolly on the Chappar rift line
View of chappar rift bridge
Another view of the Chappar rift bridge
Chappar rift line flood damage
Louise Margaret bridge over the Chappar Rift being taken down, 1944
XA class 4-6-2 loco on Chappar Rift bridge
Mud Gorge station site, 1999
Surviving piers of Louise Margaret bridge, 1999
In Chappar rift tunnels