Museum of the College of Military Engineering, Pune

Museum of the College of Military Engineering (CME) at Dapodi/Khadki (Kirkee), Pune. Photographs from a visit by Shantanu Sen, January 2006. All pictures were taken by Shantanu using a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ30 camera.

Date: 2004-07-03
Owner: Gallery Administrator
Size: 26 items

CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. A view through the trees. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. A view of the entire train at the CME Museum. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. Zoom shot of the locomotive, giving a good elevation view. The locomotive is a Kerr Start 0-4-0 Tender from 1909. In addition to the train, there is a semaphore signal and barrier-type level crossing gate on display, both part of


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. A superb exhibit! A stationary locomotive boiler, bearing the plate of J.M.Marshall and Sons Ltd., Calcutta and Bombay. You can still see the building at Ballard Pier in Bombay across the corner from the Mint, which housed their


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. Another cab view of the 1909 Kerr-Stuart 0-4-0 showing the reverser, regulator, brake, and furnace doors. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. View forward from the cab, with the door partially open. 1909 Kerr Stuart 0-4-0 tender steam locomotive. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. A Hudson Hunslet make petrol-driven railway tractor on the other side of the platform. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. A view of the cab of the 1909-built Kerr Stuart Tender 0-4-0 steam locomotive. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. Platform-side view of the long eight-wheeler, second from the locomotive. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. Photographed through the window glass, the large and roomy WC inside the eight-wheeler. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. The second carraige from the locomotive, with the observation platform shown to good effect! Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. Head-on view of the locomotive, staion and water spout. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. And finally, sixth from the locomotive, another 4-wheeled wooden saloon, from a long time ago!


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune.A field-erected "Unit Construction Railway Bridge", of the type used by the Indian Army during the second world war. Max span: 83ft. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.


CME Museum, Dapodi, Pune. Looking at the train from the platform now, note the couplers on the tanker and saloon. Jan 2006, Shantanu Sen.