you can see full alignment between churchgate & colaba (Rajendra saxena)

Date: 2003-06-04
Owner: Rajendra Saxena
Full size: 1024x683

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Color Space Uncalibrated Date/Time 2003 Jun 04 14:53:48 +0100

Thanks a lot Mr. Saxena, that's a beauty!
Posted by Abhishek Risbud on 2008 Dec 02 09:24:05 +0000
Saxena Sir does have a knack of coming up with timeless beauties....keep them coming sir.
Posted by Kharad Zarir Variyava on 2008 Dec 01 11:30:17 +0000
Dr Mulky you are right! This photo seems to be taken from atop BB&CI Railway Headquarters building (provided it existed at that time) which today houses WR Headquarters.
Posted by Karan Desai on 2008 Dec 01 04:49:20 +0000
I guess the train is at a site just behind the present position of the Eros theater.
Posted by Dr.Jitendra Mulky on 2008 Nov 30 16:33:52 +0000
Awesome stuff Mr. Saxena. Many thanks for sharing this pic with us.I would love to use this pic as a desktop wallpaper.
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2008 Nov 29 08:50:41 +0000
Very true sachin. Look at the traffic on the roads. Thanks a lot for the pic saxena sir.
Posted by Abhishek Waykole on 2008 Nov 29 05:48:40 +0000