WDM-3A #17382 belonging to the Jhansi loco shed (I think it is jhansi shed) brought the 'Palace on Wheels' into Jaisalmer on a very cold foggy January morning at around 9:30 AM. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, 2003-01-11. By Nikhil Ganu.

Date: 2004-03-22
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Hey Neil, thanx for the info. But the Deccan Oddessey did have 2 runs; the 1st being politicians and bollywood and sporting fraternity greats, and the 2nd run had a few tourists. However, it still left a lot to be desired.
Posted by Guest on 2004 Mar 23 17:42:06 +0000
Vabby, in fact I counted the total no of passengers and it was a dissapointing 217. However, they were given a royal carpeted welcome supported by music and flowers. That was indeed a sight to watch !
Posted by Guest on 2004 Mar 23 00:20:44 +0000
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Kharad, the Deccan Odyssey remains a dream....the Maharashtra Tourism folks seem to have committed a major blunder of developing this tourist train without performing in-depth market surveys for guaging the demand for such a service among tourists.....&...
Posted by Guest on 2004 Mar 22 20:52:25 +0000
which loco does the Deccan Odessey get?
Posted by Guest on 2004 Mar 22 16:42:11 +0000

Pal i bet it was running empty because on the official run they use the wdm-2a of the pow livery which has got a nice emblem on the front some thing like rane bakth or something..
Posted by Guest on 2004 Mar 22 14:40:37 +0000
excellent, Thanks a ton Rabibrata for the correction.
Posted by Guest on 2004 Mar 22 14:02:31 +0000
Not Jhansi shed, but the loco belongs to TKD (Tughlakabad) shed of NR.
Posted by Guest on 2004 Mar 22 06:39:40 +0000