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Bhore ghat from a train, December 1981. Photo by John Lacey.


YDM-4 locos #6353 and #6550 hauling a train near Udaipur. Photo by Andrew Jones, 2002.


View of catch sidings at Khandala. At the start of our trek, we are climbing the catch siding on the right. The catch siding on the center track can be clearly seen. Also visible is the end of the tunnel 26C which is the longest and the newest tunnel (onl


View of Khandala catch siding. In this pic both the catch sidings can be seen. Photo by Apurva Bahadur, 29 June 2003.


View of catch siding on bhor ghat shot from 6012. Photo by Sridhar Shankar, June 2003


The tunnel on the right is the new 26C. The one of the left is the 26 (I think) - John had uploaded pics earlier of the inaugural ceremony of the 26 in the early part of the last century. Photo by Apurva Bahadur.


A view of the bankers of the Goa Express crossing the bridge near the Doodh Sagar water falls [location not entirely certain] on a rainy September afternoon in 2003. Photo by Naveen Jain.


The Goa Express enters a tunnel somewhere on the Braganza Ghats. Photo by Naveen Jain, 1 Sep. 2003.


The Goa Express enters yet another tunnel on the Briganza Ghats. Photo by Naveen Jain, 1 Sep. 2003.


The Lovely view of tracks in the morning at Kanjur Marg (A Mumbai suburb) - Photo By Saurabh Jha, Nov 2003.


Travelling on the Mumbai - Howrah Super Deluxe Jnaneshwari Express...worth a mention is the "better than Rajdhani" service in the since the train is no more a fully AC Rajdhani Livery...I don't know if the impeccable service standard


Aryankavu viaduct. A YDM-4 hauls the QLN - TEN Exp. on this MG route in the Western Ghats, 2003-09-25. By M.V. Karthik, Bangalore.


ET WAG-5A Bankers on 2621 TN exp between Teegaon and Chichonda. Rear banker has panto lowered. NGP-ET Section, Dec 6, 2003. By Gautam (gautammmmm).


Hello, brother! A sight that every TN fan loves. 2622 TN (ED WAP-4 #22258) encounters 2621 TN (ED WAP-4 #22272) just outside NGP. Must be a painful time for a wait at a railway crossing!! 2003-12-10. By Gautam (gautammmmm).


The 1013DN LTT - CBE express waits for the 1014UP CBE - LTT to cross. Between Anantapur & Dharmavaram, 2003-12-05. By Binai K. Sankar.