CR Locos having sunbath at IGP trip shed. (Dhawal Poladia)

Date: 2012-03-04
Owner: Dhawal Poladia
Full size: 1600x1194

Countless !!!!
Posted by Aniket Chougule on 2012 Mar 18 20:34:13 +0000
nice capture...
Posted by Bhaveen Patel on 2012 Mar 13 00:57:02 +0000
very nice.

They are more like bunking lectures and enjoying out at college campus. :D (bunking- resting, campus- ETS)
Posted by Nirav Gala on 2012 Mar 12 17:56:33 +0000
Amazing shot! Can hardly notice the difference between the locos, looks like many students belonging to the same school have assembled at a place! Amazing spotting, hats off!
Posted by Adithya V on 2012 Mar 12 03:18:32 +0000
Nice catch!!!
Posted by Chitrarth Parghi on 2012 Mar 11 13:44:55 +0000
Nice catch. The loco on the right with the double red chevrons is a WCAG1.
Posted by Apurva Bahadur on 2012 Mar 11 11:10:46 +0000
WOW! never seen such a gathering of WCAM 3s.
How many of these were there btw?
Posted by Anant K Singh on 2012 Mar 11 10:42:36 +0000