The other barons lined up waiting the call for duty. BRC WAP 4E #22392, BRC WAP 4E #22705 and BRC WAP 4E #22813, BL WCAM 1 #21822 and BL WCAM 2P #21864 were included in the parade. (Sid)

Date: 2012-02-09
Owner: Siddhartha Ganesh
Full size: 1600x1067

Photo Properties
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Make Canon Model Canon EOS 50D
Aperture Value f/5 Color Space sRGB
Exposure Program Aperture Priority Flash No Flash
ISO 1600 Metering Mode Center Weighted Average
Shutter Speed Value 1/60 sec Date/Time 2012 Feb 09 16:47:01 +0000

wow.... now the wait is over....
Posted by Sagar Badukale on 2012 Feb 14 08:00:20 +0000
Wow!!! Power-packed line-up! Not only Mumbai RFs, RFs from all over the country were waiting for this moment. Finally, it has arrived, But will definitely miss the WCAM1/2 though.
Posted by Adithya V on 2012 Feb 14 07:56:12 +0000
finally :))) great to see them!!
Posted by Ashwin Gandhi on 2012 Feb 13 12:08:56 +0000