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Date: 2008-02-20
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At Mumbai Central, WCAM2s and WCAM1s are ready in a row to haul their respective loads from evening to night... (Chitrarth Parghi)


Krishnarajapuram WDM 3A 17902 hauls the Tumkur-Bangalore passenger (Jimmy Jose)


IZN YDM 4 Getting Ready to Depart with Kumaun Exp for the Last Time Before GC at Laalkuan(LKU) (Ami verma)


A view of Kuzhithurai (KZT) Station towards the TVC side. After the right hand curve, the line enters a tunnel, and soon afterwards it crosses the River Tamiraparani.


Trivandrum Central bound Ananthapuri Express coasting its way through the Aralvaimozhi gap to enter Nagarcoil


While returning from CLT on a Christmas day the best thing to happen was the sight of WAG-7 heading towards Vembanad bridge for shunting a long container train into ICTT for unloading at ICTT. (Alex P John)

Beautiful bridge

Crossing a bridge seems nothing special for a regular passenger...but it may not be the same for an irregular... (Avishek Basu)


YDM4 #6399 preparing to start from Udagamandalam (Ooty) with a passenger to Coonoor.

Ankai Killa SBC NDLA KK

NDLS bound 12927 down Karnataka Express cruises through the foot of the huge Ankai Killa behind its customary ET Twins #17963 and #18593. The State transport bus service towards Shirdi can also be seen roadside. (Ashwin Rao)


Twin Diesels hauled BCNA freight negotiates a sharp curve and enters Manmad through the SCR line (Nanded Line). (Ashwin Rao)

Double Action Ankai Killa

Double Action!!! As the WDG4 hauled BCNA freight makes its way towards Ankai via Daund Line, 17688 the High Court Express (Marathwada Express) enters its final destination Manmad via Nanded Line. (Ashwin Rao)

Sachkanhd Express

Around 2 hours late running 12716 up Amritsar Hazur Sahib Nanded Sachkand Express negotiates a curve near Ankai Killa with its regular GTL link. (Ashwin Rao)

CANON 006 0000500

The Matheran - Neral evening service NG toy train comes down the slope behind a cute NDM-6 taking lead... (Sriram S)


Gujarat Express headed by WCAM1 21848 , crosses the South Bassein Creek to enter the Salsette Island . (Aadil)


Derated RTM WDM-2 17303 runs light towards JOS/BAMY over the South Bassein Creek bridge . (Aadil)