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Date: 2006-04-29
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EMU waits for the signal just before Mourigram while on the upper line 16323 TVC-SHM Biweekly Express crawling towards Santragachi Jn with HWH WAP-4 22290 at its helm. (Ankit Ray Ghatak)


Erode's WDG-3A twins #14739 and #14692 effortlessly pull a BCNA rake up a steep gradient near Yelhanka on the YPR-YNK section. (Pawan Koppa)


A 6-Car Bombardier Made DMRC Metro rake waiting on Viaduct before Yamuna Bank Station! (Anirudh Jolly)


Under the golden morning sun 51402 Manmad Pune Passenger passes by behind Pune WDM3d heading towards Uruli for its next scheduled halt. (Ashwin Rao)


A train rumbling on the mighty Malvya Bridge early in the morning. (Avishek Basu)


The green workhorse of GMO shines in the evening sun as it rolls out of Varkala-Sivagiri with QLN - TVC passenger ..... (Jayasankar Madhavadas)


NJP Shatabdi at its best! Dhaniakhali provides me with the stunning reflection as the 10 coach LHB rake glided away non-chalantly... (Pramit Mitra)

The Mahaparinirvan Express

The Mahaparinirvan Express
After Completing its tour around the Buddhist Pilgrimage that is Delhi-Gaya-Rajgir-Nalanda-Gaya-Varanasi-Sarnath-Varanasi-Gorakhpur-Khusinagar-Lumbini-Gorakhpur-Gonda-Sravasti-Gonda-Agra-FatehpurSikri-Agra–Delhi, Katni...


Got to the other side of the hills and i was presented with this view of twin VSKP ALCOs pulling the heavy BTAP rake towards Rayagada. Location : Damanjodi (Sunil Shukla)


Against an eerie pink sky, the Vishakha Express climbs a grade on the approach to Bibinagar. This image was taken in c. 2006, when single headlamps were still around. (Image digitally scanned from a film negative)


Twin ALCOs from VSKP haul a long BTAP freight towards Rayagada. Picture taken in Damanjodi. (Sunil Shukla)


A NALCO owned WDS-6 locomotive sets towards Damanjodi station from the yard whilst negotiating the curve gracefully. (Sunil Shukla)


One from the archives. BZA WAM-4 #20498 hauling the Simhapuri Express climbs the grade before Ghatkesar on a beautiful morning.

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AGARTALA-LUMDING Jn Express over a viaduct between mahur and DAOTUHAJA. (ashwin gandhi)


KJM based WDG 4 twins 12636+12647 crawl with a tanker load. The train is joining the SBC-TK line from the YPR byepass