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Date: 2006-04-29
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A WDG-4 class loco from Hubli trundles over one of the two rail bridges over river Tungabhadra towards Raichur, from Manthralayam Road (BenHur)


TVC - NZM Rajdhani Express Between Jite and Apta!!!! (Mohitkumar Tandel)


A frame of contrast!!! The morning passenger service, packed with fresh commuters, approaches a gradient towards Tata while the Kurla Express descends it, carrying tired passengers who impatiently await the arrival of Howrah... (Pramit Mitra)


The Udyan Express to Bangalore rolls past the Jambrung Cabin while climbing the steep inclines of the Bhore Ghat.


12954 August Kranti Rajdhani Express With BRC WAP-5. (Mohitkumar Tandel)

WDM 2 - ED - 18600 (1)

16102 / Rameswaram Chennai Egmore Express [Via Mayiladuthurai] completes 100 Golden Years of Service to Indian Railways. Ponmalai to Erode Transfered WDM-2 does the honours of hauling the Train. Location - Pamban Bridge (KRISHNA 20065)


The workhorse and the ageless tree... (Pramit Mitra)


AC electrics on the western ghats. WAP-1 from GZB takes the Guwahati bound express up the ghats


The BSB LTT super is with a wammie


Downhill & Uphill: The CSTM BSL passenger banked by a couple of tigers meets the brakers led Sewagram in TGR2


Matheran-Neral toy train hauled by an NDM-6 rolls down the mountains. (Deep)

Raipur WDM 3A Powers Dead Gondia-Balaghat-Katangi DEMU Exiting from Balaghat Jn. (Ammar Rizvi)

Raipur WDM 3A Powers Dead Gondia-Balaghat-Katangi DEMU Exiting from Balaghat Jn. (Ammar Rizvi)


The Garib Rath from Jabalpur exits the tunnels near TGR2 catch sidings of the Thull Ghats and heads downhill on the mid-line


When nature starts to show its dynamics, everything looks pretty. A WCAM 3 hauls an express towards CST. Shot between Atgaon and Khardi on the NE line. (Sid)

Karaikal bridge

A loaded Hematite ore BOXN rake led by Golden Rock's WDG-4 treads over Vettar river after exiting Karaikal port in Pondicherry to enter Nagore in Tamil Nadu. (Syed Zohaibullah)