Sri Lankan Railway

Date: 2010-06-21
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SLR CMB station

[OT] 1. Colombo Fort railway station. My "journey" begins here. (Shirish)

SLR_CMB Res office

[OT]. 2. Reservation office for Colombo-Kandy Intercity Expresses (open plan office) (Shirish)

SLR Fare board CMB

[OT] 3. Fare board at Colombo Reservation office (Shirish)

SLR_CR Crest

[OT]. 4. Old Ceylon Railways crest on a gate at Colombo station (Shirish)

SLR 2nd class ext

[OT] 5. 2nd class coach of Intercity Express (Shirish)

SLR Door

[OT] 6. Door of 2nd class coach - note the additional vertical handle bar (Shirish)

SLR 2nd class 1

[OT] 7. Intercity 2nd class interior (2+2 seating) (Shirish)

SLR 3rd class

[OT] 8. Intercity 3rd class interior (3+2 seating) (Shirish)


[OT] 9. Old and new DMUs at Colombo (Shirish)


[OT] 10. TTEs on board Intercity. Same staff came in the evening return service. Same loco pilot too. (Shirish)

SLR Kandy stn

[OT} 11. Kandy Station (Shirish)

SLR Kandy Next Train Indicator

[OT} 12. Next Train Indicator at Kandy (remember similar clocks on Mumbai suburban system used till early 80s!) (Shirish)

SLR Train TT Kandy

[OT] 13. Train Time Table, Kandy. No AM/PM markings. Right-side column is PM, but you have to figure it out yourself. (Shirish)

SLR Cute Signal Cabin

[OT] 14. Signal cabin enroute from Kandy to Colombo (Shirish)

SLR Semaphore with PSR Board

[OT] 15. Semaphore with PSR board. Ghat section is single line LQ signalling, while plains near Colombo have Double line with MACL automatic signalling (Shirish)