Sibi - Quetta section

Pictures from the Sibi - Quetta line of Pakistan Railway.

Date: 2011-11-23
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Leaving some smoke behind
Life Line
From Quetta

From Quetta.

Rabbit hole.

Series of tunnels on the Bolan Railway.

Bolan Pass

Bolan Pass

Rear view

Been there, done that!

Signals against Azure

Signals against Azure.

Ribbon in the Wind

Like a Ribbon in the Wind.


Approaching Aab-e-gum station.


Bolan Mail.


Hirok - where water is a luxury!

Silver Streak

Silver streak in a mountain backdrop!

Bolan Pass

Bolan Pass

Louis Margaret Bridge

Remains of the Louis Margaret bridge on the Chapper Rift.

The Summit

The summit tunnel.