Changa Manga Forest Railway

Changa Manga forest in Pakistan has a narrow-gauge steam railway used for logging and forestry purposes. See also Dr Roland Ziegler's photographs of the Changa Manga railway. These images accompany an article on the Changa Manga Forest Railway by Owais Mughal.

Date: 2011-11-23
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Three engines still run (as of the late 1990s) on the Changa Manga railway. A fourth one was a 0-4-0 built by Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. Ltd of Kilmanrock, Scotland in 1927 (serial number was 1125). What's left of it is now preserved in the Changa Mang


It is possible to arrange for a ride around on the Changa Manga forest railway line, where it will stop on request if you wish to take photographs, etc. Here such a 'special' has been assembled and is about to depart. Photo by Tauseef Ravian, November 19,


Map showing Changa Manga. Scan supplied by Owais Mughal. (Gallery Administrator)


Map showing Changa Manga forest railway line. Scan supplied by Owais Mughal. (Gallery Administrator)


A locomotive at Changa Manga (unidentified). Photo supplied by Owais Mughal. (Gallery Administrator)


A view of the Mehtabi Lake ('Lunar Lake') - a man-made circular lake - at Changa Manga. Photo by Tauseef Ravian, November 19, 2006. (Gallery Administrator)


Changa Manga forest railway locomotive, built by John Fowler in 1927, serial number 17208. Photographed on December 23, 2007. (Faisal Saeed)