Sri Lanka, 2002 -- Ajai Banerjee

Date: 2003-02-26
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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A typical old-style signalbox at Kosgoda (apparently abandoned). One might be excused for thinking this to be Kerala.


Boossa, a typical small station with a crossing loop. It also has a small sleeper creosoting plant (similar to the one at Palghat Jn.).


S-8 No. 826 -- The loco of a 'power set' built by Hitachi in 1991, at Boossa. The rear of the loco is a passenger compartment. There is also a driving compartment in the rear coach, like the Indian Railways' 'push-pulls'.


Also at Boossa, a speeding express pulled by a WDM-2 lookalike.


Galle station, next to the Test Cricket ground which often appears on TV. The Sinhala script looks a bit like Telugu or Kannada. The Tamil sign is on the left, out of the picture.


At Galle station: note the ICF coach in the middle. (This photograph was dark, and had to be adjusted, hence the strange colours.)


Bentota, a typical small station without crossings. Note the two different signboards.


Power car of local train at Alutgama, Sri Lanka, Mar 2002. The rear of this power car has a passenger compartment. Ajai Banerji,


Another view of the same power car. Contrast it with the generally shabby surroundings. Ajai Banerji


Still at Alutgama, March 2002. A local train. Ajai Banerji


Another view of the same train. Note that the last coach must be from India. Ajai Banerji