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Abandoned turntable at Kohat, on the former narrow gauge line (closed 1982), with coaches visible in the background. Pakistan. Photo by Iqbal Samad Khan.


Approaching a tunnel at the Bolan Pass, Pakistan. The rock formations look like a formidable fortress! Photo by Iqbal Samad Khan.


Entrance to the 4-mile-long Khojak tunnel, an engineering marvel. Pakistan. Photo by Iqbal Samad Khan.


An 'M' class meter-gauge loco in Pakistan (location not specified), 1979. Photo by Iqbal Samad Khan.


Historic Ruk station once a junction on the Indus Valley State Railway. One line went to Jacobabad and the other to Sukkur Bunder on the bank of the Indus from where trains were loaded on to ferries for Rohri. Sukkur Bunder was abandoned once the Landsdow


SLGR M-7#803 arrives with Train 96, Galu Kumari, ex Maradana( Colombo). Galle, 1985-01-xx. Wp7713 ( John Lacey).


SLGR: hard to believe, but this is a scene from a train at a station in Sri Lanka . Proof is the black vertical mid bottom of the shot: this was part of the railing. Station between Matara and Galle, Sri Lanka, 1985-01-xx. Wp7713.


SLGR : NG peak hour. A J class arrives from the Kelani Valley line while another J class 4-6-4 stands pilot. Maradana ( Colombo), 1981-09-xx. Wp7713.


J1-#291 hauls stock from Maradana towards Colombo Fort on the dual gauge. The NG was later cut back to Maradana. Between Maradana and Colombo Fort-BG stock off an overnight BG Mail in background, 1981-09-xx. Wp7713.


Loco on Truck! - captured by SVR Ramprasad on NH47 between Tambaram and Chengelpet and uploaded by Gowri Sankar. NH47 between Tambaram and Chengalpet, Xx-June-05. SVR Ramprasad. [Additional info: Speculated to be a Sudanese loco used by the NEC power sta


another image of this strange beast. Note the arabic numerals. On the NH45 between TBM and CGL., Jun 2005. SVR Ramprasad.


Japan, Sudan, Hitachi and arabic numerals... On the NH45, between TBM and CGL., June 2005. SVR Ramprasad.


This is a Turkish S160/AWC which was TCDD class 45151 photographed at Kayseri in central Turkey in 1983. Note the air pump on the smokebox and detail differences from IR examples, for example the cab.


In Poland the S160 was class Tr203 and by the time this was taken in 1976 the locos were mainly shunters. This one is at Sierpc - Polish placenames are never easy to pronounce!


This is a Chinese example of S160/AWC taken at the massive Fushun coalmine complex in 1985. Note the detail differences such as the boiler topfeed. It was class KD6 in China. I think this example is among several which have been bought by British heritage